Our plan was to work for two weeks with Dr. Dan Stephens doing cataract surgery at Karanda Mission Hospital. However, the Lord had other plans.

For what seemed like political reasons, the government refused to give me a license to practice at Karanda but permitted me to operate at the national eye hospital in Harare only.  Dr. Stephens made the best of the situation and stayed in Harare for the week.  In the end, I was able to teach Dr. Stephens and work with several of Zimbabwe’s leading teaching ophthalmologists, demonstrating a sutureless technique of manual cataract surgery.  In the meantime, the Fishers were able to go on to Karanda and work with the eye staff there.  The amount of surgical teaching accomplished by God’s plan was far more than we could have planned ourselves.  

The following month, our family returned to Tenwek Hospital in Kenya, where we had previously lived and served for 18 months.  It was a wonderful time for our family to be at home at Tenwek again  with our loved ones there.  I was also able to fill in and work at the Eye Unit  with a less-experienced national eye surgeon while the missionary eye surgeon was away for continuing medical education.  Our time in Africa last winter was truly a blessing for us, and hopefully, also for those whom we served.”

Written by:
David Brown, M.D.

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