Impact reports

a Brief look at stats and stories

2018 sample impact report

Our IMPACT REPORTS contain stats and stories of our accomplishments during a given year. Many people want to know what we have been doing but have little time to read lengthy reports.

This is our attempt to KEEP THINGS SIMPLE and give data and information that helps summarize our accomplishments. 

Each IMPACT REPORT is its' own PDF and can be READ, LINKED, DOWNLOADED or PRINTED for your convenience.  Please CLICK the titles or icons to view our summaries, print them and share the GOOD NEWS with others.  THANK YOU!

2017 Impact Report

This report contains a story of a man and his boy begging on the streets. After the surgery, he goes back to farming to provide for his family.


One of our missionary MD's said, "I told my wife these full time missionaries were nuts! Apparently God thinks I am also nuts." He continues to be involved.


"Doctor, My sister used to sit around all day and do nothing. She now helps around the house, and runs errands to the store. You gave life back to our family."


This report includes our MISSION AGENCIES with whom we work. It also includes a story of a young boy who returned to school after eye surgery.

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