Giving and Receiving

We Believe…

…”God gives one the power to gain wealth.”  Duet. 8:18

THUS, was ask those who are seeking scholarships to FIRST PRAY and …

…ask God for help.
… ask God to give you the names of people that He may want you to contact.
… be prepared to let others know of your financial needs.

Once you have completed the above, feel free to move forward in filling out the

Vision Outreach International Scholarship Request Form

This form is a brief questionnaire designed to help us help you. Your participation in this effort provides the groundwork for synergy, partnership, and effective communication. Please read and complete the following information and be as detailed as possible. Thank you!

BIOGRAPHICAL INFORMATION - of the individual asking for assistance.

Each Person who needs a scholarship should fill out this form and place their name in the above blanks. One Scholarship per application.


Give Specific Dollar Amount.

Thank you for your request.
Please be patience with us as we process your information.

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