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I affirm that I am physically able to participate in the required activities of an MMI Project. Should my health deteriorate prior to the project, I will obtain medical clearance from my healthcare provider to ensure the safety and well-being of my team members and our patients.


I understand that acceptance of my application on this project is contingent upon further review, along with the receipt of credentials and other requested documents.


I am willing to share my contact information with other members of my MMI project team. (If not, MMI may still need to share your contact information with limited individuals for pre-project planning, including delivery of supplies.)


I understand the donations for project participation are required before September 13. 2023.


I understand that donations to cover airfare are in addition to the project donation. VOI will work with you on securing your Airline Tickets.

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All funds received by Medical Ministry International are charitable donations that may be directed to the fundraising efforts of a specific Project Team or Program. Although Medical Ministry International will track the fundraising efforts of individuals, all donations are made to support a Project Team.

In the event of cancellation by a participant or by Medical Ministry International, donations may be re-directed to support a future project team within one year, a country-specific need, or the greatest need of the organization. .

If a participant chooses to withdraw from a project over COVID-19 restrictions, regular cancellation policies will be in effect. .


To ensure respect for MMI's international partners, participants will conduct themselves in a manner consistent with promoting a Christian witness in the communities we serve.

  • Project Directors will communicate local expectations for participants which may include dressing modestly and refraining from alcohol.
  • Only married, heterosexual couples may stay together when such accommodations are available.


It is the policy of Medical Ministry International to treat all MMI agents, project directors and participants of with respect and dignity. Click here to view the full policy on our website.


(Approved Jan 18, 2023): Click here to view the full policy on our website.


(Approved Jan 18, 2023): Click here to view the full document on our website.

Participation Agreement & Waiver of Responsibility

(Approved Jan 18, 2023)

  1. I the participant (parent or guardian) understand that COVID-19 testing may be required by either my home, in-transit, or destination country to travel. If the test result is positive, I agree to cancel my participation from this project and follow the published MMI Cancellation Policy.

  2. I the participant (parent or guardian) understand that Medical Ministry International may require rapid COVID-19 testing for the whole team at the start of the project and wellness screening will be conducted routinely during the project. I understand that if any illness occurs during the project, and the participant requires isolation, either during or after the project, such arrangements may include accommodations, transportation, rescheduled flights, and will be at the participant’s expense.

  3. I the participant (parent or guardian) agree to abide by the current regulations and restrictions as outlined by the governments of all countries I travel to/from and the Public Health guidelines of all those countries. I the participant understand that such regulations may require negative COVID-19 tests in advance of departure and/or return flights, which will be at the participant’s expense.

  4. If such test is positive, the participant agrees to follow local public health recommendations, at the participant’s expense. Such regulations may also include sudden airport closures, requiring flight rescheduling at the participant’s expense.

  5. I the participant (parent or guardian) understand that Medical Ministry International may make the decision to cancel a project team with minimal notice if the health, safety, or security of the team is of specific concern due to outbreaks of disease, political unrest, or natural disaster. If a project team is cancelled, I agree to follow the published MMI Cancellation Policy.

  6. I the participant (parent or guardian) understand that every project team will face certain risks and hazards while travelling internationally, including but not limited to injury, disease, kidnapping, and theft. I am fully aware of all the risks and hazards inherent in participation in the activities of project team travel and the provision of health care services while volunteering with Medical Ministry International.

  7. I the participant (parent or guardian) freely and voluntarily agree to assume all the risks, including the risk of death, bodily injury, disease, infection, including that of COVID-19, or property damage, regardless of severity, that I may sustain as a result of my participation in the activities of Medical Ministry International, howsoever arising, including, but not limited to, the active or passive negligence of the Releasees.

  8. I the participant (parent or guardian), along with the members of my family, in consideration of the benefits derived if accepted for a project, hereby voluntarily waive any claim for any reason against Medical Ministry International, Medical Ministry International US, their officers, directors, corporation members, staff, agents, and sponsoring institutions.

  9. I have read, understood, and agree to the participation agreement and waiver of responsibility.
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