Code of Conduct


The guidelines listed below are an essential part of being a guest missionary with Vision Outreach International.  By complying with these expectations I will help enhance the sense of community that exists and accomplishes the mission’s purpose most effectively.

I understand the host country I will be in may not have all the conveniences I am used to at home.  For this reason, I will strive to be flexible and adjust my personal desires for the sake of ministry.

In signing below I accept the following conditions and agree to:

  1. Adopt an attitude that I am on this trip to try to understand the host culture, not to convince them of my own viewpoint or style.  I go, knowing that there are many different ways to accomplish the same objective, and know that my way is not necessarily the best alternative.

  2. Guard my language, avoid profanity, insensitive humor, and an argumentative spirit as well as abstain from making derogatory comments about my hosts, their customs, food, manners, or ideas.

  3. Accept the authority of the Team Leader, missionaries, and national host in all decisions. I recognize that they have the team’s best interest at heart and I will abide by their decisions without grumbling, meddling, or complaining.  I understand that travel, especially to remote locations, can be difficult, and I promise to adopt a flexible attitude and be supportive as plans may need to be changed.

  4. Understand that my visit is but a tiny speck of the bigger picture of what Vision Outreach is trying to accomplish. I promise not to be overly demanding, to do my best not to offend or cause embarrassment for the local mission host, and to do my best to help them attain their long-term goals.

  5. Recognize that the host culture will look at me as an example of integrity, and I will not treat that responsibility lightly.

  6. Avoid any actions which might be perceived as amorous attention toward indigenous people I meet. I will be careful in all conversations or social contacts with nationals and missionaries of the opposite gender.  I agree that romantic advances are prohibited.

  7. Be sensitive to others by modifying your use of tobacco or alcoholic beverages while in the host country. I will abstain from any illegal drugs or prohibited activity while on this trip.

  8. Be guided by the standards of the host in relation to clothing, even if I am uncomfortable.

  9. Accept that personal agendas often must be set aside for the well-being of others. Thus, I will clear all personal trips for shopping/tourist activity with the Team Leader/missionary/national host.  I recognize that the need for personal safety in a foreign country cannot be taken for granted.  Therefore, I agree to never go anywhere without clearing it first, thus limiting my personal freedoms.

  10. Not unduly pressure merchants to sell at prices that do not provide a fair return on their product when bargaining for purchases in the shops and marketplaces.

  11. Seek guidance from the missionary/national host when I am moved by compassion or kindness to give gifts (whether cash, tools, personal items, or things brought from home). I will clear it beforehand with the missionary/national host who will make sure that my good motives fit with the national customs and will not in any way hinder the best interests of the mission.

  12. Understand that repeated, willful neglect of the covenant is considered unsatisfactory since it jeopardizes the long-term goals of Vision Outreach. If asked to leave because of comprising this covenant, I will return home immediately at my own expense.
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By signing this Personal Covenant you are agreeing to abide by the Vision Outreach International Code of Conduct.

Thank You for signing our Code of Conduct

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