Africa 2017


A boy named Auboo was leading his blind father with a long stick, down a hot and dusty road in West Africa. Their poor family could no longer support them, so they had to beg and seek shelter as they wandered from town to town… UNTIL the day that everything changed.

A van stopped and a man stepped out and asked Hauboo, the boy’s father, if he wanted to see again. “Jesus sent a group of eye care professionals and surgeons from across the sea to help people who are blind.”

“YES! YES! YES!” cried Haubou as he and his son joined the others in the van.

Auboo, the young boy, was scared, because a previous procedure had caused his father great pain with little results. “Who are these strange people from a foreign land?” the boy thought… “Can they really help my father see?”

Realizing the boy and his father were hungry, a worker gave Auboo some money to go and buy food. When he returned, he and his father partook of the meal together, sharing everything in a humble and gentle fashion, as was their custom.

It was time for Hauboo to be examined, blocked, and prepared for surgery. Auboo was by his father’s side every step of the way, up to the point where his father was taken into the surgery room. As he waited, Auboo positioned himself where he could see the surgical door. The surgery took about 30 minutes. As soon as the door opened and Auboo recognized his father’s sandal, he was once again by his father’s side

“Are you ok, Papa?” the boy asked. “Yes, son… I am ok.” the father replied. They were encouraged to stay near the clinic until the next day when Hauboo’s eye patch would be removed.

The following day the patients were all led to a room where the doctors could examine them. Hauboo’s patch was the first to be removed! To his surprise, Hauboo could see both near and far. A life of sadness was replaced with a giant smile and tears of joy. He turned and saw his boy for the first time in 5 years.

Though Hauboo had been a non-believer, he said, “If Jesus sent you here to give me sight, then I have no problem with Jesus.” Not only did Hauboo receive physical sight, he and his son met the only one who could give true vision. After praying to receive Jesus Christ they were entrusted to a local pastor for immediate follow-up.

“I shall now go back to my village, share this good news, restart my life of agriculture, and provide for my family. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!”

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