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Vision Outreach International  in cooperation with the Christian Ophthalmology Society and the Ash Eye Institute is sending out AN IMMEDIATE CALL for all available Eye Care Professionals to assist in evaluating and helping with eye care needs in the Bahamas. Thousands of individuals are displaced, without their medications or eye glasses, and living in shelters. Hurricane Dorian was one of the worse disasters in the Bahama’s history.

The plan is to screen individuals at the shelters to identify some of the following: (1) Loss of glasses or contacts, (2) Eye injury or irritation, (3) Those who are diabetic or hypertensive, (4)Those over 65 years of age,  (5) Those with known glaucoma and no medications, and (6)Those with cataracts and no accessibility for care.  The tentative schedule would include screening on Monday – Wednesday, and clinic appointments at the Ash Eye Institute on Thursday and Friday. We encourage volunteers to come for one or two weeks. 

Our PRIMARY desire is to show the love of Christ, to maintain the integrity and GOOD NAME of all involved, to be EXCELLENT in our medical eye care, and to improve eye care services for indigent people in the Bahamas.


(NEEDED -Ophthalmologists, ODs, COMT, COT, COA, Nurses)



In order to GO you must FIRST, fill out an on-line BAHAMA MISSIONS APPLICATION.  and pay the $100 application fee.  Review the lodging and price structure below. On the application, choose a date and lodging location that best suits your desires. If dates are full, someone from our staff will call you for an alternative date.

SECOND – Every doctor and nurse has to be approved for service by the ministry of health, prior to practicing in the Bahamas. In the past this credentialing took almost a year. Since the Hurricane, officials have informed us that it will only take about 48 hours. Other medical professionals (COT, COA) do not need approval.

Currently, all FLIGHTS will disembark in Nassau.  If you have specific questions or concerns, please email [email protected] and we will do our best to assist you.


If you are unable to give your services at this time, you can still be involved by giving to the Bahama Blessing Fund. Any amount given will assist us in helping the survivors in the Bahamas regain and sustain quality vision. DONATE NOW.


Special arrangements have been made with THE CORAL hotel on Paradise Island at the Atlantis Complex. For more information on the hotel go to:

Take your spouse or your entire family. This special pricing can only be applied to those who are going to serve.

Oct.6 - Nov. 25, 2019 $109
Nov. 25 - 30, 2019 $399
Dec. 1-18, 2019 $109

Medical Licensing

For DOCTORS to get approved to work in the Bahamas, click on THIS LINK and fill out the HEALTHCARE PROVIDERS VOLUNTEER FORM. Once you have completed the form, BE SURE TO PRINT the form with your information.

Be sure to SIGN the application and gather all the required documents listed in the application LINK.

Scan all of your required documents and the SIGNED application and email them to: [email protected] and CC us at [email protected]

Healthcare providers will be vetted by the Office of the Chief Medical Officer of The Bahama Ministry of Health.

Equipment Donations

The Christian Ophthalmology Society is gathering information on any equipment donations. Here is what they say.

"This is a particularly good time to donate equipment given that the government of the Bahamas is waiving all taxes and fees to bring things into the Bahamas. We believe that 2 - 3 lanes of equipment is needed. If you know of someone who can donate equipment, please let them know that all they need to do is get the equipment to Florida near West Palm Beach. We can arrange for it to be shipped from there."

For more information please email the Society at [email protected]

For more information please call and LEAVE A MESSAGE at (269) 588-0864 or email us at [email protected].
Some one from our staff will contact you shortly.

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