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The whole town of Moca is still talking about you that the compassion and love you gave to all of them.

My phone is ringing every minute, people are just crazy about the project in the best way. Yesterday I saw the Post; op and 60 new patients ( 25 of them with cataracts),they were very happy, some of them (the ones with AC IOL) had inflammation still, but they will be okay. I think we should more attention to the incision placement, because some of them have astigmatism. I will be happy to learn more about this, in order to improve the results. I do not have a Mac computer to download the MSICS manual, can you ask if there is a PDF format that we can get, friendly for not Mac users. We are planning another trip in July 21 until 24, we want to use use immersion for IOL calculation and I really think we should plan incision site prior to surgery according to the Keratometry, your , Carlos and Sam cases, were the cases with no astigmatism or very little. The young man that you did with a traumatic cataract (Renato) is 20/200 and very happy, and he will improve more, he has a nasal retinal scar in that eye and he knew that the vision was not going to be perfect, but he is really happy. Do you think we can make a protocol, for MSCIS surgery and probably a short training presentation like the one you did but including this issue? I know this people had very bad vision before and because of that they do not feel very bad; however I am doing the technique on a regular basis in my practice with more demanding patients and I think I can do better, with more training and attention to details. The boy that Dr. Cooke did with congenital cataract who was blind ( Juan Daniel) is 20/30 and he is very happy, I wish you could all see his face. Attach to this mail you will see a picture of him with my daughter and me. She will be helping me on the screenings.

Thanks again for everything,
Kindest Regards

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