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rc2Roger W. Cabe, MNA - Exective Director

Roger serves on the Board of Directors and the Executive Team. He also serves as the full-time Executive Director of Vision Outreach International and its various departments which include Global Sight Alliance.


jdJim Duryee, COT - President

Jim is a full-time employee of Great Lakes Eye Care and serves as a Certified Ophthalmic Technician and Medical Administrator. Jim serves on the Board of Directors and the Executive team. He is an international trip coordinator for several trips a year and trains other ancillary staff in proper international medical procedures. He also serves as an advisor to the Executive Director.


tfTom Fisher, COMT  - Vice President

Tom was one of the founding fathers of Vision Outreach and served as its first director, trip coordinator, medical tech, and assistant. Tom is the MacGyver of international sight restoring missions and has been on multiple international trips. He currently serves as a Certified Ophthalmic Medical Technologist at Great Lakes Eye Care but has a host of experiences in eye expeditions, equipment management and repair, and trip coordination. 


vmVen McAndrew - Treasurer

Ven is an architect in Saint Joseph, MI and has served on the board since its inception. He helps VOI with his business knowledge and skills and is a strategic part of the Executive team. He has served with VOI on several mission endeavors.


hpHeather Palmer - Secretary

Heather is a respiratory therapist and interior designer. Her late father-in-law was an ophthalmologist and used to do mission work abroad. Having a heart to give back to the underserved, Heather, on her own, began traveling to the Dominican Republic to investigate local eye care needs. She continues to oversee work for VOI in that area by coordinating two or more trips to the DR each year. Heather also serves on our Executive Team.


dnbDavid N. Brown, M.D.

David is the founder of Vision Outreach International as a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization in 2001. He is a full-time ophthalmologist at Great Lakes Eye Care and continues to be a surgical leader in international mission endeavors. He also serves as a member of the board of directors and the executive team.


swpStan Pletcher, M.D.

Stan is an ophthalmologist at Great Lakes Eye Care and has served as a full-time missionary in Shell, Ecuador for two years. Each spring he goes to San Lorenzo, Ecuador to do eye care where his cousin Jane serves as a general surgeon. Stan is the founder of VOI’s Global Sight Alliance, a digital portal for on-line training and connecting. He continues to play a key role in this area.


dlcDavid L Cooke, M.D.

David is a senior partner at Great Lakes Eye Care where he serves as an ophthalmologist. David and a crew from his practice began going on a yearly basis to Honduras doing both clinical and surgical procedures until 2011. He continues to interact with a local non-profit and doctors in the Honduras area. David is a strategist and loves to enable other in accomplishing their work.


rsRobin Steckley

Robin is a fundraising professional with a strong business background. She is a strong team player/leader that excels in maintaining productive relationships with donors. She currently serves as a Director of Resource Development for the United Way of Central Virginia. She previously served with Christian Blind Mission, an international development orgainzation, working to establish sustainable solutions for persons with disabilities in the poorest regions of the world.

pbRev. Phil Bubar

Pastor Phil serves as senior pastor at The Chapel, a local church in our area and continues to bless us with his spiritual insight and wisdom. As a faith-based organization, we value his input and encouragement and look to him to help keep us on track at to our ultimate purpose for exsistance, "To touch eyes and change lives in the name of Jesus Christ."